Thursday, March 09, 2006

GiantCar/Truck/Caravan to the McDill A.F.Base - March 19

Our protest is against the continued occupation, and not against the troops that serve our nation, they are as we were, only soldiers, who do what they are ordered to do. We know all about war having served our country in Korea, Vietnam, Desert storm and all the other wars or "police actions". Rest assured that our armed forces will not develop a case of "the blues"
when they are ordered to break camp, and board our planes to fly back to the U.S.A. (ask any vet of Korea or Nam if they feel "unfulfilled" that the job was not completed and they will laugh in your face)

Join Veterans for Peace, visit wounded Veterans of the Iraq war, in Tampa & Baypines V.A..

Visit our web-site

Please contact the following organizers
Dwight 727-864-1535
Bill 813- 889-9285
Jesse 727-823-8346
Jay 727-527-3996

People of the TampaBay area Three years have past since our lying President ordered our armed forces to begin a pre-emptive war against Iraq. Please Join the anti-war community in this event at the close of the Chillura Park event. Program concludes at about 2 P.M. to permit all present to take part in the "GiantCar/Truck/Caravan to the McDill A.F.Base, as described below

Giant Car/Truck/ Peace Caravan on 3/19/06 Assemble Area (hundreds of places to pull off the street along Gandy Blvd near Dale Mabry intersection) or any of the streets NORTH or SOUTH of Gandy for a brief stop to fix sign's to cars and trucks. Peace Procession Begins at about 3 P.M. Driving South Down Dale Mabry driving in the far rightlane headlights on seatbelts fastened, observing all traffic regulations(stop signs,red lights, instructions from Police Officers*,should they be present )Procession continues to the "go around" then our Caravan proceeds North on Dale Mabry, those in the Caravan that wish to go around again, please get on the end of the line (don't cut in) What next??? Drive all over Tampa, to Saint Petersburg with the protest signs still on your vehicles.

* This event, the first of many to be organized, will not have any civil dis-obedience planned, should anyone engage in an act of civil dis-obedience, they do so without the approval of Veterans for Peace Chapter #119, should some people choose to march we urge them to not march in the roadway, but to confine their march to the sidewalk or road shoulder where there is no sidewalk.

Take your Family for a nice ride on Sunday 3/19/06 and join Veterans for Peace and hundreds of others determined to speak out against the policy of pre-emptive war and nation building.


* Disclaimer: Our event, a peaceful democratic expression of our rightful demands to our Government, for the withdrawal of all our troops from Iraq, is expected to run very smoothly, any actions, by any individuals not following the above outline is not authorized by Veterans for Peace.

Jesse Kern
V.F.P.Chapter 119, Korea 53-54

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Troops Widely Reject Bush's Iraq Strategy

In a Zoby International poll, a whopping 75% of soldiers in Iraq reject Bush's "stay the course" approach. And men and women who are patriotic and committed enough to their country and commander in chief to put their bodies on the line are much more devided than the "support our troops" bumper sticker crowd would like to admit.

The vast majority say they should leave within the year, and a full 29% favor leaving immediately. Keep in mind these figures are skewed by the pressures put upon any soldier to respect the chain of command and his or her commander in chief, and the natural tendancy for any soldier who asks to pull out now to be labled a "coward". So it's arguable to suggest that institutional pressures are making these numbers look less bleak than they really are.

Get the whole story at Yahoo.

Bush Friendly Group Named "Progress For America" Selling The War

Golly, this couldn't be an attempt by the right to redefine the readily recognized definition of "progressive" in the political dialogue, now could it?

And of course, there's a ton of money behind this. They spent $1 million for a saturation tv buy in a test in Minnesota, alone.,1,7880593.story?coll=chi-news-hed

So, obviously, you need to support your local peace loving organizations with time, effort, and CASH if we're going to win this thing.